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Video Production

Video Production

There are 11 basic formats for creating videos for business.

Take a look and see if any of them spark an idea you would like to use to promote your business.

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1. Read and speak – this is like the basic text-based PowerPoint presentations we have all seen. (The text is displayed on the screen as the presenter speaks.)

2. Whiteboard Animation – This may be as simple as watching someone write the words on a whiteboard while the presenter speaks, or for a more interesting approach, watching cartoons being drawn on the whiteboard while the presenter speaks.

3. Animation – Animations for business are normally done with a narrator reading a script while cartoon characters move about on the screen. If you want to give voices to the characters it usually requires hiring a voice actor to do the voice-overs for you.

4. Talking Head – This is typically shot with a webcam. You see the presenter’s head & shoulders while they deliver a message.

5. Screen Recording – This is great for demonstrating a software product, showing someone around your website or doing tutorials etc. The presenter speaks while you watch the mouse pointer interact with the screen.

6. Interview – This is a great solution for those who have trouble talking to the camera but have no trouble talking to another person. Simply plan the questions and answers and have a chat with someone while the cameras are running.

7. Show & Tell – This format is often used on cooking shows but it applies to lots of other types of businesses. This works best if you have a physical product. You can show the product, demonstrate its use and talk about its benefits.

8. Whiteboard – Unlike the whiteboard animation, you actually stand in front of a real whiteboard and give your presentation just as you would in a live setting. In fact, video taping a live whiteboard presentation can be a great way to leverage your message.

9. The Weatherman (Green Screen) – We have all seen the weatherman (or woman) giving the weather report in front a green screen. This technology can be a lot of fun. By using a green screen you can put yourself in any environment you can imagine.

10. Skits – If you have the imagination to do this, skits can be a lot of fun to produce and an effective way to deliver your message. You write a script and video tape it being acted out. You may want to recruit friends and family as your actors.

11. Google Hangouts – This is a fairly new and an amazing way to get your message out. With Google Hangouts you can have a panel discussion with up to 9 people from anywhere in the world with a broadband internet connection. You can the broadcast the entire discussion live to an audience of unlimited size via YouTube. Your visitors can interact with you via text messages and you can save the event as a YouTube video to be used in your marketing at a later time.