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Social Media

Social Media

Where should I spend my time?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest … or one of the scores of other Social Networking sites … or none of the above?

When you hear about social networking you invariably hear about the “Big 4″ (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube), and it may very well be that one or more of these should be the mainstay of your Social Networking activity. There are, however, many other social networking sites that have a much narrower focus but may be far more effective for companies that appeal to a specific niche market.

At BNIC we’ll help you identify:

  • If Social Media is a worthwhile investment for your company.
  • Which Social Networks you should be focusing on.
  • What strategies you should employ.
  • How much time it will take.
  • What you should do yourself.
  • What you should hire someone else to do.
  • How to measure your return on investment.

If you have questions about social networking please feel free to arrange a free consultation by calling 250-415-0500 or sending an Email to consulting@bnic.ca.