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SEO Implementation

SEO Implimentation

While SEO is relatively easy for the average person to do on their own it is still, nonetheless, time consuming. Many business owners and CEOs have neither the time nor the interest to do the tasks required to effectively maximize their pages’ visibility. In this case it may be appropriate to hire a reputable firm to help develop and implement your SEO strategies.

Business Seo Doodle On Blackboard With Success RoadWhat can you expect your SEO company to do for you?

  • Help research keywords and phrases that are used as search terms by search engine users.
  • Evaluate your existing content to make sure it’s search engine friendly.
  • Make any edits to existing content that may be required.
  • Help create new content that is optimized to take advantage of search terms you’ve identified.
  • Analyze your traffic and provide reports so you know if your SEO strategies are working.

What will you still need to do?

  • Approve keyword phrases that are recommended.
  • Approve new content that is created.
  • Make sure you get reports and discuss the results with your SEO company.

Things to watch  out for:

Plagiarized content

While it’s usually more expensive to have truly unique website content written for you, it pays big dividends in both the look and feel of your site with respect to your site’s search engine optimization. To test content that’s been created for you and validate that it has not been plagiarized (copied), we recommend going to a site such as www.copyscape.com to test new web pages to make sure they are unique. If Google finds your content has just been copied from another source it will often penalize your search engine ranking. Plagiarism  is also a violation of copyright.

Avoid Article spinners

Article spinners are programs that allow you to input text from any source and it will generate text that says basically the same thing but uses different words. It does this by using a library of synonyms to replace words and phrases. Some people claim to have had great results with their search engine optimization using spinners. Since spinners are really just a tricky way to plagiarize content, sooner or later the search engine algorithms will figure out how to detect pages created using spinners, and your search engine ranking will suffer. For this reason we recommend avoiding companies that use article spinning to create your content.