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Search Engine Optimization Consulting

Search Engine Optimization Consulting

Organic search results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to improving your ranking in the free (unpaid) search results on Google (as well as Yahoo, Bing, and others). These are also known as the organic search results.

The important thing to know about ranking well in the organic search results on Google is that ranking is earned by having relevant content and good content structure. Many people ignore the paid for search results that appear at the top and the right-hand side of the page because it seems more instinctual to go to the organic list first.

Avoid Being Misinformed

There may be no topic regarding online marketing that is as controversial and full of misinformation as search engine optimization.  Many so-called “SEO professionals” have tried to make SEO into some kind of magic art. It’s not ! The basic rules to building a search engine friendly web page are actually very simple and can be learned by the average person in about an hour: “Provide the most relevant information that is correctly structured and you will tend to rank well in the organic search results.” There are some other tools and strategies that can help your ranking, but for most people, just doing the basic things right will get them where they want to be. With some time and effort you don’t need to be a specialist to optimize your own site.

Get the facts

At BNIC we will give you the facts about search engine optimization and help you develop strategies you can depend on to improve your search engine ranking. We can provide you with low cost training, either one on one or in a group, so you or your staff can manage your own search engine optimization. We can also provide you with cost effective “done-for-you” solutions that make sense for your company and help you achieve your goals.

Before You Hire an SEO Company Ask Us for a FREE SEO Proposal Analysis

Give us a call (250–415-0500) or email us at consulting@BNIC.ca.

We will be happy to help you evaluate any SEO proposals.