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BNIC Real Estate System


The Advantage of Ownership… NO MONTHLY FEES!

All real estate agents are aware that there are real advantages to ownership. Many of the same ideas now apply to your real estate website.

In the past, if you wanted a website that automatically loads your listings and allows visitors to do property searches, you needed to subscribe to a service that charged you a monthly fee for providing the listing data to your website.

The BNIC real estate system allows you to own your own real estate system using CREA’s Data Distribution Facility. You pay once for the setup an

d there are NO MONTHLY FEES!  You just pay normal website hosting fees (as low as $4.50 per month).  The system can be installed on any WordPress server.

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On average the BNIC system will save realtors about $600 per year on their website.  For realtors who operate multiple websites the savings can be even more!

To find out more about the BNIC Real Estate System call us today at 250-415-0500 or fill in the form.

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