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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple…
“Give great service while leaving control in the hands of our clients.”

Our philosophy is that our clients should have control. Our job is to assist them … this enables us to still give awesome service and look after our client’s needs but at the same time give our clients true ownership of their own online presence.

This means:

    • happy clientsYou own the account where your domain names are registered.
    • You own the hosting account where your website(s) are hosted.
    • The website is portable. (It can be run on many different hosting providers giving you choices if you want to change your hosting arrangements)
    • You have administrative logins to all your accounts and content management systems.
    • As far as possible we provide solutions that have little or no recurring billing charges.
      • Examples of this might be:
        • a hosting account that can host all your websites for one low fee
        • where possible replacing solutions that are charging you monthly or annual fees with solutions that are FREE or can be purchased for a one time fee.