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Online Marketing

Marketing your product or service online is a pretty simple formula:  Traffic  +  Conversion  = Success

Generating Traffic

There are lots of ways to generate online traffic including: search engine optimization, Email campaigns, traditional media advertising, online advertising, social media, in-store promotions, link swapping, and even word-of-mouth advertising  to name a few. Successful traffic generation requires a carefully crafted combination of multiple strategies. BNIC has experience and the expertise to help you make decisions that will maximize your online traffic.


Conversion is the process of turning a visitor into a prospect or a client.  Without conversion any traffic you generate online   is wasted. In our experience this part of the online marketing equation is also the most often neglected. At BNIC we will help you create an online marketing system that not only gets traffic that converts that traffic into paying customers.

For a free consultation please call us at (250–415-0500) or email us at consulting@BNIC.ca